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Emergency $1 for HIV infected babies

- Tuesday, January 7th, 2020
"I am ready to eat nothing but I want to feed these innocent babies who don't have any fault for being infected with HIV, they do not deserve to face the stigma and discrimination, they deserve to get loved and supported" - grandmother breaks into tear as she says this.

16 month old two babies are suffering between life and death. Ram and Shyam (name changed) are a HIV infected babies who has been left by their parents. They are currently living with their single grand mom who is unemployed. They are living at a dark and cold small congested room with nothing else than a small bed, mat to sit and a kitchen rack having nothing to eat. 

Imagine contracting an illness that, in itself, is terrifying. Then imagine being having nothing to eat and wear. Then imagine being at risk to lose your place in society if people found out. Till date they are surviving with the support of neighbors receiving donations; $1, milk for babies and old clothes occasionally.

The grandmother is not able to work because she has no one to look after these babies. She wants to open her own tailor shop so that she can take care of these babies and also sustain their livelihood.

This grandmother , these babies seeks your support. Help her save her grandchild's ! We can gift these babies another life by our generous contributions.
You can donate through Shanti Foundation donate button or through Go Fund Me also: